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My main concern was at 750 watts would it have enough umph so I did the normal think and looked this up on Amazon and the reviews were very positive and as a result I went ahead and purchased one.


If you want to avoid using Amazon, these guys will supply:



The makers state that this product is for indoor use only but if you are sensible i.e do not use it when it is wet or the ground is wet then I can not see a problem. Additionally you could put it on a table. You will need to have an appropriate extension lead. Additionally most modern caravans and motorhomes have residual circuit breakers RCB’s built in or alternatively you can pick one up at any DIY store for about £12. Also make sure you switch it off at the mains before dismantling.


Ultimately it has to be your decision re appropriate use.


We eat a lot of fish and it was absolutely superb at giving a nice crispy skin and was dead easy to clean, just a wipe down with kitchen roll.

As it is only 750 watts you do need to give it a bit of time to heat up but there is a handy thermostat light and you can keep stuff warm by just turning the thermostat down..

We have not tried it yet for meat but can not see why it would not work as well, obviously it would take longer to cook.





Low wattage, so ideal for continental sites which will typically have an output of 6 Amps

( could not run your kettle at the same time)

Very Easy to clean

Easy to set up & saves on gas

Non stick

Superb for fish & gives a nice crispy skin


Has a drain and tray for catching excess fat



Not very large so not ideal for families or if having a party






Quest Healthy Low Wattage Griddle Review



I first saw this in a caravan dealer in Thame and the attraction was its compact size, as I only have a small access locker in my motor home and additionally its low wattage, 750 watts, which would make it ideal for continental use.