About Us

We are a retired couple,,buying our first motorhome on a whim in July 2007, an Eldis Autoquest 400;  though we are now on our third, a Chausson Suite Maxi. 

We had looked at renting initially, which is probably the sensible course of action but renting is expensive and our first motorhome was not state of the art. In any case if you come to sell, motorhomes hold their value well and bearing in mind that you have hopefully had weeks if not months of great holidays, you will end up a winner.

A prime factor in our decision making is that we had a dog at the time and you can not get more dog friendly accomodation than a motorhome.

When he died we had to make a decision on whether to continue or not and we were also being torn by the fact that there is a certain loss of flexibility when you do not have a car.

We did not want to tow a car as that seems to defeat the object somewhat,if this was the case we would have bought a caravan.

We decided to replicate a trip to our beloved Interlaken which we had done a number of times in a car. The rationale is that if we could do this and have a successful trip,then this would help in the decison making process.

This was the basis for an article in Practical Motorhome 'A Walkers Paradise in Switzerland'

Our prime love affair with the motorhome is that it allows us to tour the UK and Europe and indulge in our favourite leisuretime activities which are walking and cycling.

With regard to cycling it must be mentioned, that this is normally of that associated with canals and ex railway lines,on the basis that trains generally do not go up hills and water definitely does not . It has, however, been known that we do sometimes tackle the hills, if we need to reach the canal or railway line.

As yet we have not succumbed to using electirc bikes, though I am sure that will come.

In a nutshell, if we can not walk or cycle there, we do not go but we also avail ourselves of public transport. 

Our trips are normally a matter of weeks rather than look months and it is unlikely that we will do the grand tours.For these type of trips you need to look at someone like  'OurTour'. 

We are also not adverse to travelling further afield and it is our aim to update our blog with these trips.

We are also not adverse to travelling further afield, though strangely we have not been tempted to go on a motorhome holiday, It seems too much like a busman's holiday.

It is our attention at some stage to update our blog with these trips, particularly those relating to walking,