This is an open greenfield site on the outskirts of the town and is close to the Scarborough Whitby railway line which was closed in 1965

Scarborough to Whitby

approx 20 miles each way, linear route (virtually all off road)

When you come out of the site, turn left and then take the 3rd turning on your right (the first two are a crescent), look for the signs for the track.

You will need to go through a residential area.  If in doubt ask at the site,  it is easy to miss.

The surface tends to be of cinders, hence its name the cinder track and though the surface is easily cyclable, do not expect tarmac quality.

Also there are some inclines and also this is a coastal route, so the prevailing wind can be a challenge so take this into account when you start off and note which way it is blowing.

Many a time I have started a ride and been flying along only to find that the return, because of the wind, has been hard work. On this ride, generally as you return to the site, after Ravenscar, the gradient is in your favour.

The reward is an outstandingly scenic ride with many sections providing superb coastal views with some moorland vistas.

The total ride to Whitby from the site is about 20 miles .

The section to Ravenscar on the coast is about 9 miles and roughly midway is the delightful pub , the Hayburn Wyke Inn, nestling in the woods. This would make an easy ride with lunch on the way back and then you can roll back to the site.

Alternatively stop off at the National Trust centre at Ravenscar, have a cup of tea and continue onto Robins Hood Bay.

The path drops down and now moves away from the coast before cutting back in.    

This is about an extra 5 miles, so making a total ride of 28 miles, easily doable as a day’s ride with plenty of time to explore this idyllic coastal setting.

It is a very steep descent into the village but trust us you will fail to be disappointed and do not thing about the climb out, just lap up the atmosphere.

If you want to do the whole hog then Whitby awaits, which is about another 6 miles and I defy anyone not to be impressed with Whitby.

You follow close to the cliffs as you leave Robin Hood’s Bay, up to Hawkser Bottom before gradually going down into Whitby, crossing the impressive Larpool viaduct, over the river Esk.

No visit to Whitby without a visit to the spectacular Whitby Abbey.

It is possible to take the cycle route for the short section into Scarborough itself but we prefer to cross the main A165 and take the footpath opposite and then take the cliff walk into North Bay.

The website says that this route is not suitable for bikes with thin tyres, the reference here is to road bikes, hybrids are fine as are ATB's