ACSI Camping International La Hallerais

Not being satisfied with one old walled town we had to head for another, Dinan and if you thought Saint Malo was impressive then wait until you get to Dinan.

The nearest site was La Hallerais which claims to offer high class facilities and it is not an idle boast, this was not only an attractive site but it had excellent facilities, which includes an outside heated swimming pool and a small fitness centre. Its real plus, however, is its location above the River Rance and a short fairly steep walk out of the site leads you to the river and a half hour stroll, if that, to the very attractive port area of Dinan. It doesn’t take took much imagination to see how this was a bustling river port in medieval times.

A short but steep climb brings you to the medieval gem of the walled town of Dinan and though you can not go all the way around the ramparts as you can do in Saint Malo, it doesn’t take much to visualise this fortified town in medieval times. There are some really impressive buildings in the town and the atmosphere is enhanced by a large part of it being traffic free though not tourist free. I dread to think what it would be like in  the high season and unsurprisingly a lot of the shops are geared up to the tourist trade.

Do not be tempted to take your bike as though it is a gentle ride along the river bank, the climb up to the old town is very steep and you then have the problem of what to do with your bike.

Shortly after Dinan, on the river you come to Léhon, which has its own ruined castle and abbey. It is worth the climb up to the castle and you can walk in the grounds of the abbey.

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There is an aire in the town by the side of the river, near the port.