Norman House circa 1150
Norman Castle built within confines of old Saxon Fort
Christchurch Priory Church
Town Bridge Christchurch
Christchurch Harbour
Hengistbury Head

You then follow the river out of town. You have two options here, you can take the ferry across the river or continue to follow the river, until you have to divert off and you pick up the main road, which you follow to the left and then  at the roundabout take the first turning left to Tuckton Bridge, walk across the bridge. You then take the quiet road , on your left towards Wick.You will then pick up cycle route 2 to Hengistbury Head.

There is a nice café here, ‘The Hiker’ for lunch or take a picnic and overlook the sea.


Walk through the reserve, (cycling not allowed) following the sea until you come to the road and follow this  until you see the sign on your left, indicating cycle route 2. Just before this road , there is a road that drops down towards the coast, which you want to take and then you follow the esplanade all the way to Poole Head.

Tip In July & August  cycling along the esplanade is not permitted until the evening., so you will have to take the road indicated previously, this can get busy..

Lymington  28 mile round trip on forest tracks, old railway route & quiet forest roads.

Turn left out of the site and take first right towards Holmsley Camping & Caravanning  Club site which is sited on the old world war two airfield.

The memorial,next to the Caravan Club site as a reminder how significant the New Forest was in WW2

The plus of this site is if you chose your pitch carefully you can  get a greater feeling of being in the forest, particularly in low season but less so in high season , where due to the absence  of marked pitches, it does become a free for all. The Caravan Club site is more pristine but to be fair you could be anywhere, though the sanitary facilities and service facilities, including motor home service points are second to none and have the edge over the  C & CC site. So bottom line is that you pay your money  and take your choice.

As you pass the C& CC site you are on cycle route 2 again but it is not signposted. To the right of the road you can make out the old runway. In front of you there is a section of open grassland, which can be a little disconcerting  but you will see the gate to the track on the other side of this short section.

You take this track until you reach the road where you turn right  and continue until you reach the main A35,which you cross with care to the track just to the left of you.

You follow the track, until you reach the main road and at this stage an OS Map or a cycling map could be useful as it is easy to take the wrong track but basically bear left at the two junctions that you first come across.


At the road turn left and continue up to the junction and take the path on your right, which is the start of the old railway line.

Follow the railway line until it reaches the  road at  the bridge, go under the next bridge  and follow the road up to the main road, which you cross and take the bridal path, virtually opposite.

Follow this all the way down until it reaches a small road and continue into Boldre. Enjoy the ride down and do not think about the fact that  you have to come back this way.

At the Red Lion Pub ( we have never been here but it always looks busy so that is a good sign) turn left and follow the main road until you take a turning on your right to Vicars Hill then continue until you pick up the main road, which leads into Lymington.

We had lunch at the Ship Inn, the food is ok but the real attraction is its position on the river.





        http://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/ukcampsites/campingintheforest/camping-in-   the-new-forest/holmsley/

Holmsley  Cycling in the Forest with your Motorhome from the Caravan Club Centenary Site

This site is on the western  fringe of the forest, within walking distance of Burley and more importantly for us, within cycling distance of Christchurch & Bournemouth.

Christchurch & Bournemouth ( about 32 mile round trip to Poole along esplanade)

This is an easy cycle route, mainly on quiet forest roads and along the esplanade towards Bournemouth and Poole with a short section of the town in Christchurch to negotiate.

To pick up the  route is simplicity itself, you turn right out of the site and at the end of Forest Road, you turn right onto the ‘main road’. This road will be the busiest  that you will come across until you reach Christchurch but it is not the A35 and is easily cyclable.

You continue along this road until you reach Lyndhurst Road, which you cross and head towards the village of Godwinscroft and you then take the first turning left and keep heading left, until you pick up the signposted route 2 into Christchurch, along quiet country roads.

You continue along these roads, until you reach the A35, which you will cross by the aid of the pedestrian bridge,that you will see on your right.

After crossing the bridge, bear right and follow Normandy Avenue, to a main road, cross this road and then head towards the town centre. You can then either take the path along the river just south of  Christchurch Castle or continue into town , bearing right towards the church.

You can then explore the surrounding area, which is the oldest part of the town and the harbour.