La Vélodyssée

Cycling La Vélodyssée by motor home- a long distance cycle route following the Atlantic coast

The very existence of this long distance cycle route was discovered by accident upon my arrival in France crossing from the border at Hendaye. It runs all the way from the border with Spain  to Roscoff in Brittany, a distance of more than 1200 kilometres and not to be content with that, they have added in a couple of hundred extra kilometres covering a section crossing Devon from Plymouth in the south to Ilfracombe in the north (see cycling from Camping & Caravanning Club sites - Damage Barton on this website)

It would be fair to say that the home of the ‘Tour de France’, would   be the only country with the vision to come up with a cycle route along the whole of the Atlantic.

What is even more impressive is that a large majority of this is on green routes which offer pleasant off road cycling.

Just imagine the potential in the UK if someone had the same vision, the Grand Union Canal allowing a link with Birmingham and London immediately springs into mind. We have a super network of disused railways and canals  but no grand plan to co ordinate these all into a linked effective cycle network.

The website is superb with the details of the different sections of the route. Our trip concentrated on the southern section from Hendaye to Arcachon which has the added benefit that it hugs the coast.