Cycling in the UK

Cycling In the UK

 One of the great freedoms of motorhomes is that in a matter of minutes you can be packed away and onto your next destination and the converse is true when you arrive.

The downside is that you are without a car and we see little point in towing a car.If we were going to do this then we would get a caravan and also if you do not enjoy the freedom of moving on every few days then a caravan is also the answer, or for you more hardy types, a tent.

The other critical factor is that we do not go motorhoming just for that experience, we do it because it fits in superbly with our lifestyle of enjoying walking and cycling.

When it comes to cycling, we are not road cyclists, we prefer the sanctuary and peace and quiet of offroad routes. In this country we have a wealth of opportunities. old railway networks, thanks to Beeching, a superb canal network, thanks to our industrial heritage and some coastal cyclepaths, and not to mention bridlepaths and byeways.

We would add at this point that footpaths are not for bikes but we confess that we have cycled along the paths that go along roads in rural areas, safety being the prime consideration and respect for other users, particularly pedestrians.

Tips with regard to what bikes to use are contained in the section 'Cycling in France' but remember you can walk and cycle as far as you like and they also do some good electric bikes if you need a bit of assistance.

Attached are some great cycle routes with appropriate campsites.